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Reminders For Seniors Regarding Graduation

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Pick up all regalia for your club/honor society from your sponsor before Friday

Arrive at Altria Theater for graduation practice by 8:45 am on Friday morning.  Don’t forget…if you ask for a receipt when you park at the deck (Laurel and Main Street), you will not have to pay when you return for the ceremony.  If you do not participate in graduation practice, you will not be allowed to walk at graduation.

Please understand that graduation practice lasts as long as it takes.  Please don’t park in metered spots or you will prevent the practice from running on time while we wait for you.  I will try to have everyone out between 11:30 and 12:00 (your cooperation and attentiveness can make things go faster).

You must return to graduation line-up by 2:00 pm.   Don’t forget your cap, gown, tassel, and any approved regalia! 

Theater doors typically are opened by the Altria Theater staff around 2:30.  All guests require a ticket to enter (graduates will enter through a different door and do not require a ticket).  If you need any assistance with seating, please ask one of the ushers when you arrive.  They can direct you to wheelchair accessible seats or point you in the direction of the elevator. 

No balloons or flowers are allowed in the theater – Altria Theater rules. 

Choose your footwear wisely!  The incline going in and out of the theater can be a bit steep, and you will be going up and down several stairs.  We don’t want you falling, so make sure you’re comfortable.

Graduation should be finished by 5:30.

E-mail Ms. Sheppard, graduation coordinator, at or call her at 804-354-6800 ext. 3304 with any questions.