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Senior “Check Out” Forms & Senior Financial Obligations due June 13th

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Due on or before Wednesday, June 13th 

The “check out” form will be available to students after APs are over.  Each student is responsible for collecting the required signatures and returning the form to the School Counseling Office by Wednesday, June 13th.  Outstanding MLWGS obligations must be paid to Mrs. Crystal Charity in the main office (in room 213) prior to 3:00 p.m. on June 13th.  NOTE:  All teachers’ signatures need to be obtained before going to Mrs. Charity because she takes all monies from each student for all obligations (lost or damaged book fines, etc.) and writes one receipt for him/her. 

Seniors who have unpaid financial obligations and/or who have not returned the check-out form will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Any outstanding VCU library fines must be paid directly to the VCU library.  If the latter applies to your student, a paid receipt from the VCU library should be turned in to clear the account.