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The Addams Family has its first rave review! Opening TONIGHT

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“My mother taught me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I should keep my mouth shut. She was right. But, in the case of The Addams Family musical, premiering tonight in the Auditorium, I have everything nice to say. Having seen the dress rehearsal in its entirety on Tuesday, I can state with full confidence that it is absolutely worth your time to see this show. The actors are hilarious and have terrific chemistry, the music is entertaining (live student orchestra!), and the choreography is quite impressive. And don’t get me started on the wardrobe, makeup and set (if you did, I’d go on and on about how great they are, with terrific attention to detail). Leigh Glatt has put together an enormously enjoyable show. Unless you’re leaving this afternoon on the Mars Rover, there’s no reason for you not to see this production.”  Michael White, International Languages Department